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Friday, July 25, 2008

Beginning Subversion (SVN) for .NET

I've had enough of zipping my project for backup before editing it. I mean it works fine for personal development, but for team projects it is time for a versioning system. That means either using CVS (Control Versioning System) or SVN (Subversion), since VSS (Visual Source Safe) would be too expensive.

First you need the download and install subversion:

Next you need to create the repository. Suppose you've created your svn directory. Fire up the command prompt and navigate there. create the "MyProject" repository:
svnadmin create MyProject

Next, recognize the recommended standard structures:

Next, place the trunk directory in hte MyProject directory and the .NET actual Website directory in the trunk:

Next, checkout the project:
svn checkout "file:///c:/documents and settings/user/svn/MyProject"

Next, add the trunk, branches, and tags folders to the MyProject repository:
cd MyProject
svn mkdir trunk
svn mkdir branches
svn update
svn add tags

Next, commit the updates to in effect check-in the project:
svn commit -m "initial project setup"


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