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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Use Column Mapping with MappingType.Hidden to Hide Columns in a DataTable

It is possible to use Column mapping with MappingType.Hidden to hide columns in a DataTable of a Dataset before the Fill with the following:

myDS.Tables[0].Columns[i].ColumnMapping = MappingType.Hidden;

Of course, 0 may be substituted with the table name as a string. Unfortunately, this is not very useful if the Fill has already created the DataSet. In that case I would probable just want to use an item template in my data display control (such as a GridView) to output the specific fields. The other option is to run the delete columns on the DataTable, which is simply inefficient. Another losing option is to run a select command on the DataTable, which might have its uses for simply acquiring in memory data as opposed to viewing it.



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