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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Using Google Web Toolkit gwt on Windows

Here's a quick start to using Google's Web Toolkit or gwt.

1. Download latest gwt release at link.
2. Unzip gwt_x to target directory. I used C:/Program Files/Google.

Now to create Eclipse projects do the following:
1. Append to the path environmental variable the target directory such as ";C:/Program Files/Google/gwt_x" , where gwt_x is the gwt version installed.

To create an Eclipse project called "MyProject":
1. use the command prompt and navigate (cd) to the Eclipse workspace. Mine was "C:\work\workspace\".
2. Create a folder via "mkdir MyProject".
3. "cd MyProject"
4. Create project via "projectCreator -eclipse MyProject"
5. Create application via "applicationCreator -eclipse MyProject com.mycompany.client.MyApplication"

To open the Eclipse Project:
1. In Eclipse: File->Import->General->Existing Projects into workspace
2. Select the MyProject directory that you originally created.

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