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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Copying a MDF SQLExpress Database file to SQL Server 2005 Server

Copying a MDF SQLExpress Database objects to SQL Server 2005:

  1. First make sure myDatabase.mdf is on your local machine unless you already
    have remote access enabled.

  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. Hint: Run as Administrator on Vista.

  3. Make sure myDatabase is listed as a Database in the Object Explorer,
    otherwise attach it.

  4. Right click myDatabase -> Tasks -> Generate Scripts -> [select]
    myDatabase -> Select All ... ->Script to new Query Window -> Finish


  1. In the Object Explorer open the remote database where you want the copied
    tables and views.

  2. Right click myTargetDatabase ->Tasks -> New Query

  3. Paste in copied script from step 4 from above.

  4. Run

link to download Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express
Note: Be careful with constraint options. I also had to copy and paste the data from the source to target data tables in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express like an Excel copy and paste.


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